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Some Important Features of Our Video Courses

Comprehensive & Structured

▸ Learn through comprehensive video lectures covering all the topics from both theoretical as well as numerical perspective, aligned completely to the GATE syllabus.
▸ Highly structured video lectures aimed at maintaining a proper sequence of topics and sub topics, ensuring conceptual clarity.

Checkpoint Quizzes

▸ Ensure your conceptual clarity at the end of every lecture through our checkpoint quizzes.
▸ Provide an extra boost to your preparation, with increased learning outcomes.

Focused Length

▸ Various educational psychology studies have shown that students’ attention span is between 15-20 minutes.
▸ Keeping this in mind, we have deliberately kept the duration of videos around 10-15 minutes to ensure your complete undisturbed attention.

Updated as per GATE Trends

▸ Lectures are designed as per the latest trend, keeping in mind the recent changes in the GATE syllabus to make you ready for the D-day.
▸ Additional updates as per need will be done to ensure that you give your best in the exam.
▸ MSQs are covered as per the new syllabus.

Qualitative Numerical Coverage

▸ A number of numerical problems have been solved in the lessons.
▸ Understand the correct numerical attacking strategy.
▸ Special focus is given on training your mind to extract data from questions, in a correct and efficient way, thus avoiding silly mistakes, ensuring answer verification and much more.
▸ Special tricks along with the common mistakes committed by students while solving numericals are highlighted both in the lectures as well as in handouts.
▸This will make solving numericals a part of your muscle memory, boosting your confidence and helping you to give your best shot in the exam.

Lesson Handouts

▸ Specially designed handouts are provided after every lecture for a quick revision.
▸ Students are advised to make their own notes after referring to the given handouts to ensure longer retention.

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Yes. You can access all videos instantly after completing the payment. To make sure that you study from the most relevant and updated content, we keep updating our content in all our courses. MechZilla will keep adding more concepts, examples, tips and tricks to your course as per the requirement of changing GATE trends and pattern without any extra payment of fees.


Video Course is fully taught in simple and easy-to-understand combination of English + Hindi (Hinglish) Languages.