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To commit something to memory takes time and repetitions.

Some Important Features of Our Study Material

Revision Notes

▸ For frequent and quality revision, we are providing fully dynamic and hand written notes.
▸ Important concepts and formulas have been highlighted in the notes.
▸ Short, coherent and customized.
▸ Equipped with numerical tips, short tricks, and cautions.
▸ Focus is on increasing your retention for a longer duration.

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Formula Sheets

▸ Extracted from revision notes ensuring all important formulas are on your tips.
▸ Subject wise organized sheets.
▸We recommend rewriting formulas with spaced repetition, which will help you to retain them for a longer duration.

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▸ Making revision fun and easy.
▸ Can be utilised in your free time to brush up your concepts.
▸ Dynamic flash cards will be available for each and every chapter.
▸A 1000+ dynamic flash card library will be made available to aspirants.

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Flash cards are one of the classic study tools, and for good reason – they promote studying through active recall, which is one of the practices through which our brains learn most effectively.

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Success in GATE does not depend on how much syllabus your cover.

It depends on how effectively you can recall!

and this is done by consistent Revision

Solution to all your recalling problems…

MechZilla's Study Material


Yes. You can access all study material instantly after completing the payment. To make sure that you study from the most relevant and updated content, we keep updating our content in all our courses. MechZilla will keep adding more concepts, examples, tips and tricks to your course as per the requirement of changing GATE trends and pattern without any extra payment of fees.

Study Material is in simple and easy-to-understand English language.

No. The content of study material is in the form of PDFs that you can access online as well offline. But it is not in the form of hard copy.