MechZilla is here to revolutionize the way engineering is being taught, incorporating the latest technological tools available in the e-learning arena, to make learning efficient and interactive

We are planting the seed of MechZilla with a great dream-in upcoming years it will create a revolutionary impact on learning science. Our aim is to make everyone understand engineering science in a simplest, reliable and engaging way, so that the knowledge they have gained will be retained for a longer duration. This makes one confident, presentable and a good scorer in exams, interviews and wherever they go on their career path. 

We have put a lot of time and effort into every lesson and study material. To engage you more and make everything relatable a lot of brainstorming has been done already. The content is dynamic and consistently updated to reflect the new trends in GATE pattern.  

Any competitive exam can be cleared adhering to these three aspects:
● Strong conceptual base
● Consistent and systematic practice of questions with time management
● Revision, revision and revision.

We, at Mechzilla, will help you with these three aspects with continuous support and guidance.

Our precise, brainstormed, highly synchronised and integrated course content provides you with strong conceptual knowledge and approach to solve questions. The specially designed Revision toolkit is a solution to your quality revisions.

For aspirants to learn a topic and retain it for a longer duration, we have added actual industrial process videos in the lessons where they can see how things actually work in real life and not just that. We have also added animations, 3D CAD drawings, illustrations in videos to give a proper foundation to their fundamental concepts.

Affordability & Quality

While launching this platform we can proudly say that we are providing the highest quality of content in the form of video courses, notes, revision material for the lowest possible cost. We promise affordability and no compromise on quality.  

What We Don't Do

Hello! This customer really wants to buy the Samsung M51. Let's let him test the iPhone 11 Pro!
- Truly a Wise Merchant

No display of fanciful videos: Some of our competitor’s videos are not specifically relevant to the exam syllabus. We allow you to view a partial portion of our online course. If you like what you see, you will love what all the courses have to offer.

Online courses are easy to deliver on any platform. Let's get students to buy custom tablets, Pen-drive, G-Drive to prove this point ...
- Educational Pandits

There is no need for any specific hardware requirement to try our course. Within 2 minutes of enrolling in our free course, you can start learning from our freely available video lessons.

How many kilograms of material do you send?

How many kilograms of material do you send?

– Motivated GATE Aspirant

Our country already has a habit for measuring content in quantity and difficulty (such as, total hours of content and the difficulty level). We measure our content according to relevance and impact. We focus on building the right foundations, dealing with the right difficulties and not showing off what we know. We update our update courses to keep them up to date with the latest exam pattern and trend.

We will push you with questions slightly above the GATE level. But we will always tell you when the question is more difficult than average level because this is GATE (A stands for Aptitude) not the Olympiad.

Technology That Enables Preparation


Start learning concepts from our video lessons on your desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet from home or your workplace and practice the questions on any device once the concepts are clear. With MechZilla’s online course, you can read on any device, mobile or PC, and sync your progress and data across all devices. Competitors limit their course to single devices. Make sure you sign out from the current device before logging in to a new device. 🙂


Compatible across any platform.


Either App-Based
or Browser-Based


Many of us spend months comparing mobile devices before selecting a phone or tablet that suits our needs. It is probably cruel that the course provider wants you to buy hardware to access their content. You will never need to purchase any device to learn from us.


Works on any device.


You need to shell out for custom hardware.


Our platform is specially customized for online learning. We create all our content while keeping in mind its online utility. This allows us to deliver content using the best available technology and teaching practices. All our courses are blended perfectly for online compatibility that will help you deliver your best results. Competitors use live recorded lectures for their classroom programs or as an online learning content, sometimes running up to duration of 2 hours (It’s difficult to focus that long while watching movies, not to mention video lectures!)


Custom content prepared especially for online platform.


Long videos of classroom lectures not made for an online platform

Due to this reason, we are providing crisp and clear content of 10-15 minutes each
which will engage you and help you retain your maximum focus while learning the concepts.

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Teaching Philosophy

Learning is different from practising. You cannot achieve best results only by learning if you don’t practise what you have learned.

MechZilla has a different Teaching Philosophy, based on the belief that basics concepts are very important and that everything can be learned well if the fundamentals are well understood.

We place a high value on building your thought process through our video lessons rather than spending unnecessary time on lecturing about it. This increases efficiency and effectiveness of our lessons. Thus, the amount of your time saved can be invested in solving and practicing more questions.

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Saurabh Aradwad

BE, Pune University
Design & Analysis Specialist
Expert in 2D & 3D CAD Work

Saurabh is passionate about creating a seamless online learning experience that boosts the learners’ concepts & retention time. He left his job from the design & analysis field to follow his teaching passion. He’s worked with DRDO (Structural design & analysis project) , TCE (for HPCL unit design projects), especially oil & gas projects.

With his creative thinking he makes complex concepts very simple. Other than teaching, he also keeps his interests in adventure sports, hiking & biking.

Nikhil is a pro strategist with analytical and problem-tackling skills. He is implementing his key skills in training and developing mathematical aptitude into the students. His main focus is on strategically solving problems to obtain optimum solutions within the shortest possible time. He is experienced in Advanced Mathematics and Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations (ANSYS). 

Along with numbers, he is passionate about reading, music and painting.

Nikhil Bhamare

M.Tech (Thermal Engineering) MIT
CFD, CAE Specialist
Expert in Numbers