Question Bank & Test Series

5000+ Practice Questions 

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Some Important Features of Our Question Bank & Test Series

Question Bank

● PYQs
▸Your best ally in any exam preparation is the syllabus and the PYQs. Thus, we have maintained a collection of GATE, ESE and CSE PYQs
▸PYQs help you in identifying the key areas to focus on..
▸Solving the PYQs will not only keep you on track but also help you in understanding the demand of the exam.
▸Along with the PYQs a holistic collection of questions is prepared, completely adhering to the demand of the exam.
▸ Subject and topic wise categorization of questions is done to ensure maximum efficiency.  
▸ Questions are further divided into MCQs, NATs and MSQs, in sync with the latest exam trend. 
▸ Timely and consistent use of these question banks along with PYQs is highly recommended.

Test Series

● GATE papers 10
▸Solve the previous year papers as it is. They will give you full experience of exam pressure, questions sequencing, and much more.

● Subject wise tests 25
▸Give subject wise tests once you finish the subject.

● Mini mocks 7
▸ Specially designed and these are full syllabus tests
▸Covers full syllabus.
▸ Every Mini mock consists of a total 35 questions and 60 marks.

● Mock tests 7
▸ Fully syllabus tests as per New GATE pattern.
▸ New question and new way to test concepts.

● Video Analysis and guidance
▸ Every test is followed by it’s video analysis.
▸ Analyzing common silly mistakes , some new concepts are covered through questions.